Thank you for subscribing to BrightDoor Kiosk! This site lets you preview the in-deployment version of your app.

Before launching, you MUST ensure the following:
  • For an optimal preview experience, ensure your monitor is at least 1920x1080 (HD) resolution. Smaller resolution displays will require you use the browser's zoom function more.
  • This preview is supported on either Google Chrome or Apple Safari browsers
  • Maximize your browser window to 100% (as close to full screen as possible).
  • If you can't see the entire display when launched, use the browser's built-in zoom functions to reduce the app display. On Chrome or Safari, select "View > Zoom Out" until you can see the entire preview area.
  • Okay, now you are ready to launch!

Please note that some content and functionality may not render or display in preview mode exactly as it will in the final app. Don't hesitate to contact your BrightDoor Account Manager with any questions or comments.

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